Laissez les bons temps rouler at the Daiquiri Shoppe in Carrollton

What's in  your jug I love the daiquiri shops in New Orleans. So, you can guess how happy I was to hear that a daiquiri shop has opened in Carrollton (1837 W Frankford Road, Ste 122). There’s also a location in Grand Prairie. I went with the Hulk but there are flavors galore to choose from including Victoria Secret, 187 Octane and Purple Passion. The great thing about this place is that you can purchase a half gallon for your “Pleasure” or a gallon for your “Party”. Laissez les bons temps rouler

Fred Hammond’s Play – Cain & Able

downloadFred Hammond is debuting his new stage play, “Cain & Able” which will grace Dallas, Texas theaters during Black History Month.

Hammond is partnering with comedian JD Lawrence for the upcoming production. “Cain & Able” is a modern take on the biblical story of brothers Cain and Abel found in the book of Genesis. Hammond’s play tells the story of an affluent business developer who leaves his two sons a fortune.

Hammond took to his social media to publicize the upcoming show that will take place at the Bishop Arts Theater Feb. 5, 6, and 8.

“Family in the DFW area. I along with ‪@KingOfDramedy will be previewing our play Cain & Able for some national promoters,” Hammond wrote on his social media pages. “Come hang with us.”

Go to for tickets.

My Sigma Love

zetapampRemember when we sang….He’s my SIGMA LOVE! 

A Sigma’s love is an afternoon’s sky; sapphire and infinite

He has a sweet and caring soul; a spring of forgiveness

His wisdom flows like the Mississippi river

His friendship is unconditional; it does not change with time

A Sigma’s love is found within the silent words that are never said but always felt

Regardless of any harshness, his tenderness is always shown

It’s a love that gives, a warm embrace that comforts,

a hand that wipes away insecurities

For his sister a Sigma knows no danger

He is devoted, forever supportive

Whenever I was in distress he was my protector

My hero, embattled and resolute.

My most precious and enduring resource

A Few Things I Learned From a Zeta

zetaI was on the train yesterday and a young woman sat next to me. She overheard me talking about a sorority sister that recently traveled to the Dominican Republic. (Yes, Janelle I was talking about you.) So, she asked me what sorority I belonged to. And if I enjoyed being a member. I gave her my answer and spent the rest of the night remembering the fabulous women I had the pleasure of meeting through my beloved sorority. I learned so much about myself, life, love and finer womanhood. Here are just a few things I learned:

From Tonya I learned that every woman has to decide to leave a man on her own time. I have no judgment about the worth of a relationship and I do not advise my sisters to leave or stay. I simply make myself available to support whatever decision my sister makes.

From LaRhonda I learned to just go and meet people. No one would describe LaRhonda as a party animal but she could go and simply have a good time meeting new people. That sister drove me from there to yonder. We went to every Greek Show on every campus in the tri-state area. I had an absolute ball!

From LaQuita I learned to evaluate what I bring to the table. During my interview I was asked what I could bring to the chapter. Before I could answer LaQuita made a statement. She said “I already have sisterhood. What can you do?” Good question right? Well, let me tell you I learned that moment that I needed to know what I was capable of. I have never again walked into an interview or any situation unprepared. I know exactly what I bring to the table.

From Jennifer I learned that entering a loving relationship can be a logical decision. Choose a good man that will grow with you.

From Marci I learned that I don’t have to be a victim to game. I could choose to have sex simply because I wanted to.  And if I just managed to do what I wanted for myself I would never regret intimacy.

From JoJo I learned that sometimes people will hate you and lie on you because you are desirable. I met JoJo before the blond hair style. It amazed me how a hairstyle and new clothes could change how a person is viewed. The things people said would crack me up. Really? People said some outlandish things about my sister accusing her of all sorts of things. But all of it was simply because this girl was beautiful. And those who paled in her shadow and cowered in their own insecurities despised her. Because I witnessed what those people did to her reputation I learned to embrace my own beauty and never allow someone to cause me to down play how fabulous I am.

Have a Girlfriend-Catch Up Session at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

ellens-southern-cookingWhen I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas I was in a very dark spot in my testimony. I was living with a broken heart and a broken spirit. I was so lost I couldn’t find the words to pray. I left a friend’s house walking one afternoon and when I reached the top of a hill God showed me something special; He showed me flowers growing under a huge tree. That’s nothing special right? But what made these flowers special were that they were leaning towards the light.

Not soon after that I lost my job and my car broke down all in one swoop. I wasn’t sure how I would take care of myself let alone how I would provide for my daughters. Then God went to work. He provided a place to lay my head at my niece and nephew’s home (Chequetta & Deldrick). Then I found a place I could afford in the middle of the woods. Then my niece Cheniqua helped me get a little help. Then I found a job at the Youth Home. I met so many women there who were such a blessing. But one in particular blessed me tremendously; Brandy. This woman went out of her way to give me a ride to work. Even on her off days she would climb out of her bed and drive from Pine Bluff to West Little Rock to take me to work and sometimes pick me up at midnight. Every now and then we would stop and have breakfast at the Waffle House. We would talk about everything from the Word of God, to family struggles to dating problems. I sure miss those talks over breakfast.

I just want to challenge all the women I know to call up a girl friend and ya’ll go have girlfriend catch-up session over breakfast. For my sisters in Dallas try, Ellen’s Southern Kitchen in the Historic West End. This is grown and sexy diner food at its best. My favorite is the Grits Benedict with bacon. Be sure to order a cafe au’ lait with a little Bailey’s.

Fun Outside the Box and on a Budget